The NRI (Non-Resident Importer) program allows for foreign based businesses to receive the same advantages Canadian importers have in terms of shipping goods to Canada without the need to have a physical facility in Canada.

Being an NRI will allow you to take advantage of reduced supply chain and operational expenses, more control over your supply chain, streamlined trade process and increased selling advantage.

With Prestige World as your NRI partner, we would act as an agent and communicate with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) on your behalf. In addition to transacting with the CBSA, Prestige World would also help you register with the Canadian Revenue Agency for a Canadian GST number that is required for importing into Canada. Prestige World can maintain your import records to remain compliant with CBSA standards for smooth and efficient operations.

In order to become an NRI you must first register your business for a Canadian Business Number.

Please note that there are certain products that may require permits or licenses or follow specific regulations from other government departments. For details on such information and to ensure all imported goods are in compliance with the Canada Border Services Agents please visit the External link opens in new tab or windowCBSA website.

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